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Click & Collect Scheme

Dear Customers,

We are happy to inform you that we are selling raw milk from our vending machine again.

Detailed instructions by the Ministry of Primary Industries on how to ensure the continued health and safety of everyone during alert level 3 have however meant that we needed to implement some temporary changes. We understand that the following procedure is far from ideal, but it is currently the only viable safe option for us to sell milk to you.

The main change will be the introductions of a Click & Collect Scheme. Customers will have to order and prepay for their milk online BEFORE they collect milk from our vending shed. Secondly, our vending shed will only be open from 3PM to 5PM (every day), exclusively to customers who have ordered and prepaid for their milk online for that specific day.

Customers will not not be able to fill their own milk at the vending machine but instead one of our staff with fill your bottles for you. It is essential you supply your own clean bottles at time of pick up.

Our staff member will wear gloves and will be following a strict disinfection protocol before and after each customer. We are restricting access to the vending shed to staff members who have stayed in well defined household bubbles and ask of you to only pick up your milk if you have followed alert level 4 guidelines also. Please do not come to the vending shed if you display any symptoms of Covid-19.

We are aware that not all of our customers may have easy access to the internet or are keen to purchase their milk via credit card and we assure you that this strange system will only go on for as long as is absolutely required (until the Ministry allows us to go back to our usual way of selling milk).


1. Please plan ahead and think about WHAT DAY you would like to collect milk. Remember the pick up time is 3pm - 5pm

2. ORDER YOUR MILK FOR THE SPECIFIED DAY HERE. (Please note that you will be directed to Riverside Community's website For example: if you want to get your milk on Thursday, 30th April, buy the required amount by clicking on Thursday, 30th April.

3. YOU CAN BUY MORE THAN ONE LITRE at a time by clicking on the + SYMBOL. 1 is one litre of raw milk. 2 is 2 litres, and so on.

4. Once you have added the amount of litres to your cart, check your cart to see all details are correct.

5. If you are happy with the content of your cart, click on 'CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL'.

6. Pay either with your Credit Card or your own PayPal account. (Disregard the shipping details)

7. PICK UP your ordered and prepaid MILK on the specified date, ANYTIME BETWEEN 3PM and 5PM.

8. Please supply your own clean bottles for filling at time of pick-up.

ONCE AT THE SHED step by step

1. Once at the milk vending shed, stay in your car or near your car until it is your turn to have your bottles filled or you being motioned by our staff to take your bottles to the shed.

2. Drop off your bottle on the table outside of the vending shed, ensuring to keep physically distanced to our staff member.

3. Mention your order number or name which you used for ordering.

3. Our staff, equipped with gloves, will be the filling up the bottles for you. You will NOT be able to enter the shed because we have to follow a very strict hygiene and disinfection protocol.

4. Once your bottles are filled, our staff will put them back on the table and you will be able to take them from there.

5. When you are back by your car, the next customer can come up to have their milk filled.

Because our winter milking herd has only just started, milk supply will be limited for several weeks. Therefore, we advise you to order your milk as soon as you can think of it and to be kind by taking only as much as you really need. First in, first served. Once we have sold out of milk for that day online, you will have to look into ordering milk for another day.

If you have any problems with an online payment, you can contact Riverside Milk team member Daisy on 021 0243 0505, and she will try her best to help you through the digital maze.

Overall, please bear with us as we adjust to this new reality and implement an online ordering scheme for as humble a product as our raw milk. We promise that we will return things to normal as soon as we are given the green light by the government.

Take Care

Tristan and Daisy from The Milk Team

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