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What our customers say

'Best Milk ever!'

' Can't understand why a person would buy milk from supermarket after tasting this. Clean & green. Yay.'


'Great milk. Back to my childhood on a small dairy farm. Memories with a proper cup of tea.'

'Wow! It's so awesome that you can still get milk that is still actually milk!!! None of this supermarket crap! !Thanks heaps and keep it up!'

'I love your guys' milk, it's the cheapest & the best in town. Good job :)!!'

'Thank you for letting those of us without a cow enjoy fabulous proper milk. Why on earth did the world start relying on supermarket white water?'

'Milk in perfect condition, fresh, creamy and wholesome. Thank You.'

'I come from Riwaka twice a week, have done for the last year. Have never had any problem with the milk, my family and I absolutely love it!!! Thank You!!! PS - I have Crohn's disease and believe that this milk is digested easier & I feel better for it!!!'

'Hi:- love the milk - I am a polymyalgia sufferer & since using this milk my symptoms have lessened.'

'Absolutely amazing! I wish this was legal in my home country! (Cananda)'

'My family & I have been enjoying your milk ever since you made it available here. I cannot stand processed milk now, my cat &dogs wont drink it either. Thank You to everybody who has worked & still is working to bring it to us.'

'Supermarket milk? Na! Don't think so! Tastes gross, eh?!'

'Gorgeous, creamy milk! Thank You!!! :)'

'Beautiful milk - nice and creamy - Thanks.'

'My kids adore this milk. They save their pocket money from chores to get their own litre bottle :)'

'This is awesome. We used to milk our own Jersey cow but we moved house so it's awesome this is here.'

'Best milk ever. Thank You.'

'This milk has cured my tummy issues x :)'

'Lovely, fresh, tasty, delicious, nutritious milk!'

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