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Closed For Repairs

Update: Milk Vending reopens Tuesday, 21st November at 11am

Dear Riverside Milk Family,

I regret to inform you that our good old Brunimat Vending Machine has had some serious electronic issues and will be out of action until we can procure the needed replacement motherboard from Brunimat in Switzerland.

I have contacted Mr Alfred Bruni about this today and urged him to make all possible haste with sending us the required part as we have so many loyal customers relying on his fantastic machine to supply them daily with pure fresh farm milk. We hope they will courier and airfreight the part as quickly as possible and, with luck, be back up and running again in 10 days' time. This would then be Monday 27th November.

I sincerely hope you can forgive us for this inconvenience and the probable necessity to consume pasteurised milk over the next two weeks, as I don’t think there is any other raw milk available on this side of Christchurch.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your past and continued support enabling us to continue operating to supply you with real unadulterated milk here at the top of the South.

We will confirm our reopening via this website and our Facebook page.

Aroha Nui,


Riverside Milk Manager

Three empty and sad looking milk bottle


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