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Tristan Vincent

Farm Manager

Tristan is a true Riversider, born and bred on the land.


He became a member of Riverside Community in 2010 after returning from Germany with his wife Maren and their two children.


He has a degree in ecology, a Diploma and Doctorate in Environmental Engineering, and he has worked as a research scientist and lecturer at the University of Rostock/Germany.


He has managed the farm since 2013.

cow on local dairy farm
provider of fresh farm milk to the Nelson region:)

Evan Coad

Farm worker

Like Tristan, Evan has spent most of his life living in Riverside with his parents and siblings.


He's been a member of the Community since 2012 and was joined by his partner and young sons shortly after that.


As a full-time employee, Evan is involved with everything that happens on the farm. He enjoys the physical nature of the job as well as working with animals.


Franka, Ben, Cam, Jarred,

Charles & Hannah

Farm workers

These part-time folks are the steady support crew on the ground, caring for the animals, milking them and looking after the land.


All live on the farm and most have their children roam free at Riverside Community.

Without their input and daily work, Riverside Milk would be a whole lot less fun and Tristan and Evan would have boring smokos.

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