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$2 June Special

Grab your Riverside Milk* for $2 a litre this June! Cheaper than most supermarket milk and so much fresher! Our Vending machine is filled up daily with creamy, non-homgenised, raw milk. Straight from our lovely, 100% pasture fed cows here in Lower Moutere!

Enjoy your milk like in the olden days, with no funky stuff added or goodness taken away. Riverside Milk is ideal milk for starting your natural fermentation adventures (yoghurt or cheese anyone) or for simply enjoying any time of day.

Grab your own bottle (ideally made out of glass), come on down to Riverside Milk at 289 Main Road Lower Moutere (at Riverside Community) and fill up the quantity you need. We are open 24/7.

For more info, please cruise through our website or mail:

*Please note that Riverside Milk is a raw milk supplier: 'Raw milk may contain microorganisms that can cause serious illness. To reduce the risk of illness, raw milk should be heated to at least 70 degree Celsius for one minute. This is critical for infants, young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.’ (Ministry of Primary Industries)

milk jug and glass with grain

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