While some big dairy producers are praising their heavily processed milk as more natural than their competitors' products, we just quietly offer the real deal...


Here, at Riverside Milk, we believe that fresh whole farm milk in all its glory, straight from the cow, unpasteurised*, non-homogenised and without permeates or antibiotics, is perfect in itself. So why change nature?


That's why we started this raw milk vending enterprise in 2013. It was an instant success in our regional community and with people who wanted to buy fresh, wholesome and local.

To ensure that all families in the Nelson region can enjoy our fresh, creamy and tasty farm milk, we try to keep our milk price low. Compare that to the price of the white liquid you get at the supermarket...

And if you are still not convinced that our fresh raw milk is the real deal, check out where it comes from! In Riverside Community, it's less about the money and more about the people!


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