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2x Cheese Workshops

Mozzarella & Paneer for Adults

Thursday, 4th July, 6.30pm - 8.30

At Riverside Centre (Kitchen)

$30 per participant

Mozzarella for Kids (10 years+)

Monday, 8th July, 2pm - 3.30pm

At Riverside Centre

$5 per participant

In July, Riverside Education in conjunction with Riverside Milk will be offering 2 Cheese Making Workshops. One for Adults to try their hand at crafting Mozzarella and Paneer and one for the kids in which they will learn how to make the most important ingredient for any good pizza or pasta dish: Mozarella.

Both workshops are hands-on and guided by our very own Cheese Making Specialist Tanja. We anticipate both workshops to get filled up quickly as anything Cheese is very popular!

Both workshops are proudly sponsored by Riverside Community Trust Board.

Get in quick and register your or your kids name at

Please note that we will be using Riverside Milk which is RAW milk and may not be suitable for everyone's consumption. The Ministry of Primary Industries advises the following: ‘Raw milk may contain microorganisms that can causeserious illness. To reduce the risk of illness, raw milk should be heated to at least 70 degree Celsius for one minute. This is critical for infants, young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.’

Mozarella Poster at Riverside

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