Why We Won't Sell Cream...

Yes, we - the Riverside Milk Team - love cream just as much as you do! We love it in our freshly brewed coffee, churned to golden butter on our warm toast and also dolloped on our steaming sweet apple pie. Who doesn't love this delicate, smooth, viscous, vanilla flavoured goodness that goes with pretty much all good things in life?

Therefore, we absolutely understand that some of our dearest customers and local dairy connoisseurs are yearning for a time when pure raw cream will flow from our vending machine...

So, why then do we keep on saying to you: 'No, No, No - Sorry, no cream for sale!'

The answer is: 'We can't stand trim milk'!

Did you know that - in order to produce cream - we would need to separate the cream from our whole milk - turning a beautiful raw, unprocessed, non-standardised product into a watery mess that was considered industrial waste not that long ago. In the olden days, before the fat panic took hold of our collective conscience in the western world, trim milk was considered a non-palatable by-product of dairy factories. Like sewage, it was discarded into waterways to be forgotten (though the smell of it rottening away was a constant reminder of its presence).

Only from around the middle of the 20th century, farmers and government agencies started to think about more profitable uses of this bluish, chalky looking substance. So one day some clever people realised that trim milk would make a perfect low-fat, low-cost, high-profit alternative to real milk - in particular for populations with ever-increasing waist-lines and an unsatisfiable hunger for new fashions...

And so it happened - the industrial waste product (trim milk) of the good stuff (cream) was reborn as a healthy alternative to whole-fat milk. A rebirth which - incidentally of course - made milk processing a whole lot more profitable. Imagine: now milk could be split into cream AND trim milk for sale - both precious and moneymaking units on their own. How much more money was to be made and would be made!

Never mind that trim milk is produced by processing and standardising a perfectly fine and naturally nutrient-dense product (milk). Never mind that trim milk lacks the flavour and vitamins found in pure, clean, whole-fat, raw milk. Never mind that its low fat content may make it harder to digest for some people... and please do not worry about any potential additives, required to make the unsightly liquid more palatable. Not to worry also that research now indicates that it is not so healthy after all.

You may be able to tell: We at Riverside Milk really, REALLY do not like trim milk!

This dislike for trim milk is at the very core of why we won't be selling any cream in 'big style' from our vending machine - ever! We believe in keeping things real, and in our opinion real milk should have a whole lot of fat floating to the top. Fat that you can scoop up yourself - with an old fashioned ladle at home. Fat that is good for you and that brings happiness with every mouthful - just like in the olden days before anyone knew that trim milk was fit for human consumption (and a hugely profitable commodity)...

If you would like to read more on the topic, please have a look at the online articles below or simply google something along the lines of 'How to produce trim milk'...





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