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Food For Families!

With many families in New Zealand not earning enough to cover all their living costs, organisations like 'Food For Families' can make a real difference every day.

While there are many well known agencies and not-for-profit organisations that help people overseas, there are also some (perhaps not so well known) groups right in our midst - made up of humble volunteers - that help the families right next to us.

'Food For Families' is an organisation that does not have any money to waste on elaborate marketing campaigns to get donations coming in. Instead, they just quietly work away, encouraging local businesses and private individuals here and there to help out others by donating healthy food for kids' school lunches.

Donating fresh fruit or bread or milk or anything else that you know you have plenty of, is a simple but precious act of giving - much appreciated by anyone who can't always afford the more nutritious and expensive lunch choices for their kids.

Riverside Milk donates every week many litres of milk to 'Food For Families' because we believe that 'Sharing is Caring' and that you can never loose by giving... If you have more than enough to go around and are also interested in supporting local families in need, check out 'Food For Families' now: and spread the word.

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