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Gotta stick with the rules:)

Rules, Rules, Rules for raw milk suppliers like us... But it's OK, we have got it under control...

In accordance with the Ministry of Primary Industries' guidelines and the Privacy Act 1993, we ask our customers to fill out a one-off CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM!

The Ministry of Primary Industries NZ requires our customers to register with their contact details, so that we may contact you in the case of a milk batch that does not conform to the standards defined in the ‘Animal Products Notice: Raw Milk for Sale to Consumers Regulated Control Scheme (March 2016)’.

We ask you to complete the one-off CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM (in blue folder on table in milk vending shed) which includes your full name, address, e-mail and phone number and, if you like, a user name. We (Riverside Milk Team) will, in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1993, collect and store this data in a secure location. We will not share any of your personal information with third parties or use them to send you any promotional materials.

This is a ONE-OFF registration which will allow your personal information to stay private and to not be visible to other customers. Once you have registered with the CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM (blue folder), you will only need to write down your name/user name and your milk’s batch number (date), quantity purchased on the daily MILK SALES SHEET(red folder). Please ensure you are filling in the correct form!

What you need to do (Only Once!)

  1. Get one CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM for yourself.

  2. Fill out your full name, address, email and phone number

  3. Optional: Choose a username that you may want to use instead of your full name on the MILK REGISTRATION form.


  5. Put the form in our white letterbox on the table (a member of the Riverside Milk Team will collect the forms daily.

After you have filled out the CUSTOMER REGISTRATION form once, you do not need to do it again, unless your contact details change.

We encourage you also to fill out the daily MILK SALES SHEET every time you buy Riverside Milk, so that we can contact you if it should ever be necessary. Our milk is being tested daily and we are following a very strict food hygiene and safety regime.

We understand that these MPI registration requirements may be an inconvenience to you and apologise for the level of bureaucracy, but please note that the forms’ objective is to ultimately protect your privacy and safety.

Many Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

The Riverside Milk Team

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