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Fresh milk like in the olden days

straight from the cow to You

milked, chilled and bottle filled

$3.50 a litre

Open 24/7


at Riverside Community

289 Main Road lower moutere


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Get Your Fresh Raw Milk in Nelson Tasman from Riverside Milk

Welcome to Riverside Milk, your source of fresh raw milk in the Nelson Tasman Region. We offer the real deal - fresh, whole farm milk straight from the cow. Our milk is unpasteurised, non-homogenised, and free from permeates or antibiotics. We believe in keeping things natural and providing our customers with the best quality milk possible from grass-fed cows and regenerative farming practices.


Our Commitment to Community and Transparency

At Riverside Milk, we are passionate about our community and the people we serve. We believe in transparency and encourage our customers to check out where our milk comes from - the Riverside Community. Our focus is on providing a fresh, creamy and tasty product that is as close to nature as possible.



Support Our Mission

Join us in our mission to keep things simple and support each other. Unlike other farms, Riverside Milk is a social enterprise that is operated by the Riverside Community Trust, a NZ registered charity established in 1953. This means that income earned is invested back into the wider community via donations to charities and Riverside's own Education Programme. So, every time you sip on your glass of fresh raw milk, you are doing your bit to support other people in our region.

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