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Foodie Workshops in March

If you are a foodie who likes the old school way of creating yummy dishes without having to add things that you cannot even pronounce, then either one of these workshops may be just perfect for you...

The Riverside Education Programme is offering a (sourdough and yeast) bread making workshop as well as a food fermentation workshop in the month of March 2018.

If you are already getting our milk for cheese, yogurt or quark making, you may want to add some crusty, homemade bread to the mix or perhaps some other dishes that are full of gut-healing probiotics.

Well, here is your chance! Take your pick!

Wednesday, 14th March, 7pm -9pm: Crusty! Bread Making Workshop, $35 per person at Riverside Community Centre (Kitchen)

Saturday, 31st March, 2pm - 5pm: Fizzy! Food Fermentation Workshop, $45 per person at Riverside Community Centre (Kitchen)

Crusty Bread

Fermented Foods

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